Silent Double PIP Rupture

This patient had 335cc PIP implants inserted in 2004 and came to Aurora for removal and replacement in 2012.
The right breast had a mild rupture, clearly a very recent rupture, which would have inevitably become much worse had it been left untreated.
However, when Mr Richards opens up the pocket to remove the left implant, he notices the customary thick creamy fluid immediately which is a significant sign of the PIP implant being ruptured. After cleaning the area, he removes the implant, which was ruptured very severely.
Mr Richards looks at the two implants after the surgery, and shows us how these implants appear to have ruptured in almost exactly the same place, just at different times. Had the patient left them, the right one would have become as bad as the left, and the left would have continued to produce discomfort, though it had very little room to become much worse as it had practically disintegrated within the breast.
This patient suffered a double pip rupture, which is becoming more common now as the implants have time to disintegrate and tear within the breast. There is no way of determining when a PIP rupture will occur, but once it starts it is a slippery slope until the side effects and pain force the patients to get them removed and/or replaced.
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