Single PIP Breast Implant Rupture

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This is a video of implant removal and replacement surgery involving a single PIP breast implant rupture. Mr Richards introduces the video, stating the previous implants our patient had were too large for her, which made the tissue in the middle sit up, which he demonstrates to show exactly what he means.

The surgery is then commenced, and the first thing Mr Richards does is look at the old scar, and remove it, before cutting through the capsule to create the breast cavity. As he gets through, he is greeted by creamy fluid, which we all know from the previous PIP videos that creamy fluid means there is a definite rupture. Mr Richards can not be certain how severe the rupture is, but we don’t see any free standing silicone which has escaped the shell, so we can assume it is not too advanced. The implant is removed and Mr Richards informs us it is a very early rupture. It doesn’t appear to have been under too much strain as the rupture is clearly in its infancy, but the implant has turned quite a dark shade of yellow, which is usually a sign the rupture happened a good few weeks ago.

The 2nd implant is removed and it is completely intact, with just the usual deflation and gel bleed on the implant. At the end of the surgery the implants are compared and we can see they both still look in a reasonable shape, but the colours are incredibly different.