Single PIP Implant Ruptured into three pieces

Here we see another PIP removal and replacement. For well over a year now we have known about the horrors of PIP implants yet women are still unaware, or just making plans to have them removed now.
Mr Adrian Richards once again removes this ladies PIP implants. She had 330cc implants inserted in 2006, and one of them is definitely ruptured, as it showed up on the ultrasound scan the patient had.
The procedure video takes the form of all of our videos here at Aurora. The video is introduced by Mr Richards addressing the camera, then we go into theatre and see the operation as it is performed. Before we get to the removal of the implants, Mr Richards measures the scar, because we all know, he doesn’t like big scars, and this patient is no different. He clocks the scar at 6.5 cm, which is over 50% bigger than it needs to be in his eyes, as he usually aims for a scar of around 4cm, or as close to as physically possible.
Mr Richards starts on the right hand side, the implant that we think is still in tact, going off what we know from the ultrasound scan. As the implant is removed we can see that it is indeed not ruptured. However, as we have come to expect with PIPs there is a lot of deflation and gel bleed and Mr Richards holds up the implant to the camera to show the deflation and gel bleed.
Now moving onto the left implant, which we know is definitely ruptured from the ultrasound scan, Mr Richards proceeds to remove the implant. He has to spend a few minutes cleaning out the pocket because of the rupture leaving lots of free standing silicone within the breast, and the implant as it is removed comes out looking completely destroyed.
As the implants are analysed at the end of the video, we see the ruptured one is effectively in three pieces, and with the same batch number as the non ruptured implant, this only adds to the worry about PIP implants. Mr Richards gives some opinions on why same batch numbers can react so differently. All we really know about PIPs is they are consistently inconsistent. We have seen many videos like this, with one implant much worse than the other, despite having similar or the same batch numbers.
If you have friends or family who have had a Breast Augmentation in the last fifteen years, don’t be afraid to ask them if they have PIPs. Spreading the word about the horrifying results we see time and time again in our videos can help to eradicate the problem. Please like and share the video.
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