Single PIP Rupture and Mastopexy procedure

This patient had 495cc PIP implants inserted back in 2003. She is quite broad chested and wants to increase the size of her implants, because they currently slip to the side when lying flat. Our patient also has a low nipple position so she has decided to have an uplift, or a mastopexy procedure combined with the replacement of her PIP implants.
During the procedure, Mr Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics, shows the implant positioning and explains how best to rectify this. He will be using the mastopexy procedure to tighten the skin around the breasts which will hold the implants more towards the center of the chest. Upon removal of the first implant, we see it is not ruptured, although it has deflation and gel bleed which we expect with PIPs.
As the left implant is being removed, we see the creamy fluid which is an immediate sign that the implant is ruptured. The implant is shown to the camera and we see the rupture is around the baseplate, which is the usual place the implants rupture, and creamy fluid is clearly visible within the implant itself. There is also some free standing silicone which has escaped the implant shell.
Mr Richards looks at the implants at the end of the video. It is nothing out of the ordinary with PIPs, gel bleed and deflation on one and a rupture on the other, which was still in one piece. Not great, but certainly far from the worst we have seen here at Aurora.