Stretched Earlobe Repair (54mm) – Part 3

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Moving on in the surgery, Mr. Richards is onto the other ear, going through the same process as the first ear. They are still talking away, about piercings, and squash. This helps the patient take their mind off what is going on, concentrating on the conversation which is happening. As we draw a close to the procedure, Jake is informed that he will be given his post-operative care instructions as the wounds are dressed by Aggie after the video. As we finish the video, we show what the ears looked like before the surgery, and then straight afterwards. The difference between the pictures is literally astonishing, and once the scars have healed, you would barely be able to tell they used to have stretched earlobes.

During the course of this 3 part surgery series, we will see the full procedure, from marking up, to the final stitches, and cleaning up of the area. In total it lasts around 23 minutes, so our patient was in and out within half an hour.

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