Unilateral Breast Uplift and Unilateral Breast Reduction to correct Breast Asymmetry

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Here we have quite an unusual surgery video, with a patient who has breast asymmetry. She has requested an uplift to one breast, and a reduction to the other to balance out her boobs instead of going down the breast implant route most women with asymmetry do. She decided that she definitely did not want implants so she is having a mastopexy on the right and a mammoplasty on the left.
The video begins with the right side and breast uplift part of the surgery already having been completed. Mr Richards estimates the uplifted breast is a C cup, so now he has to match the other breast to it with a reduction.
Mr Richards takes off the layer of skin and releases the nipple so it can be rotated and moved to its new location. Some of the lower breast tissue is also removed, and then brought in together before it is stitched back up.
We skip to the end of the operation, and check out the end results, with the size and shape looking a lot more symmetrical, which is what our patient wanted prior to surgery.