Unilateral Mastopexy and Unilateral Breast Reduction

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This is a breast asymmetry operation, with different surgeries needed to correct the breasts. She needs a unilateral mastopexy on one side and a unilateral reduction on the other. On the right breast her nipple is in a low position, so it will be moved up along with the breast being lifted as this is the smaller breast.

We see on the other breast that the nipple is much lower and the breast is much larger. This will be reduced using the normal technique, with the nipple rotating up to a new position which will be symmetrical to the other breast and nipple position. The scarring for the two procedures are very similar so she will have complete symmetry after the operation.

We skip forward and Mr. Richards has taken the top layer of skin off the breast he is giving a lift. He briefly explains the next stage of his process before we skip on and it has been completed. It has a stitching around the nipple, a vertical scar and a short transverse scar in the fold of the breast.

The reduction part of the surgery is also skipped over, with just the final results for us to see. The wounds are taped up already. The symmetry will be good as the breasts look a good size against each other, and the two procedure types have similar scarring, so it will be be consistently symmetrical on all counts.