Diane – MACS Facelift

Aurora Ambassador - MACS Mini FaceliftFeeling self-conscious about her appearance, Diane, 64, approached Mr Adrian Richards to find out if she was suitable for a MACS Mini Facelift. Read on to find out more about Diane’s surgical journey with the team at Aurora Clinics.

Why did you decide to have a MACS facelift?

I thought I looked older that I felt inside. I had tried various face creams and Botox and they weren’t providing the results I wanted, so I decided  I needed surgery. I looked on the internet for reputable surgeons in the South East and saw several references to Adrian Richards. I looked at the Aurora Clinics website and watched a number of videos of procedures he had done and was impressed. I had a consultation with Mr Richards and he confirmed I was suitable for a MACS facelift.

Seeing photos of me compared to my other friends made me feel so insecure. I looked so old but still felt young inside.

I wasn’t sure I was ready for  a full facelift due to the extra stitches and recovery time, so Mr Richards being able do a MACS (or mini) facelift was the perfect solution. Once I had seen him, I booked it straight away. I have never regretted it. And, actually, if I felt it was possible to have another in a few  years time, I wouldn’t hesitate.

How has it changed your life?

I now think I look like how I feel on the inside.  I am very happy with the result as it doesn’t look like I have had a facelift (my face isn’t taut and pulled back), I just look like I have had a really good holiday. I don’t shudder every time I look in the mirror now, and it has really boosted my confidence. It made me look outside how I felt inside!

Diane before and after her mini facelift

What would you say to someone in your shoes thinking about a facelift?

Do it! But make sure you do your research first and choose a suitably qualified and well established surgeon like Adrian Richards. Talk to others who have had it done, see if it is suitable for you and be realistic about your expectations, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

How would you sum up your surgical experience at Aurora Clinics?

Pain free and without stress. There were a couple of days after the op, when it was uncomfortable, but pain killers helped as did the “face-bra” I was told to wear. The staff, at both the clinic and the hospital, were caring and knowledgeable and made the whole process easy. My recovery was quicker than I expected with  my stitches being removed after 7 days, and my one and only bruise disappeared at about the same time. I was anxious before having it done, but Mr Richards and the staff were calm and reassuring and gave me confidence in their ability to do what they promised…and they did.


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