All you need to know about Cosmetic Surgery for the Eyes

The Basics of Eye Cosmetic Surgery

Also known as Blepharoplasty or eyelid reduction, eye cosmetic surgery removes the surplus or loose skin and protruding fat to give you a more younger and better looking appearance.

In some eye cosmetic surgery cases, only the skin has to be reduced, while in others both the skin and fat need to be removed.

When only the fat deposits need to be removed from your lower eyelids, the surgery is done from side of the lower eyelid without making any external excision. This surgery is known as ‘transconjunctival blepharoplasty.’

Almost like a facelift, eyelid surgery only lifts the area around the eyes by removing the extra skin and the end result is a smoother, tighter, and younger looking you.

You should opt for eyelid surgery if you want to ‘open’ up your eyes or want to reshape your eyes. It will help you look youthful, enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Like any other surgery, eye cosmetic surgery has some risks, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions.

Why Eye Cosmetic Surgery

One of the effects of ageing is that you experience sagging or baggy skin around the upper and lower eye areas. For those of you who are exposed to the sun or smoke excessively, the effect can be far worse.

Upper or lower eyelid surgery is a popular and common procedure that many patients opt for each year. The fantastic results of this procedure –- firmer, youthful, and smooth skin around the eyes -– makes it a very popular treatment.

Types of Eye Cosmetic Surgery

In all, there are 3 types of eye cosmetic surgery and these include:

  1. Upper eyelift surgery (performed to reduce the crease line around the upper eyelid)
  2. Lower eyelift surgery (performed to reduce the crease line around the lower eye area) and
  3. Upper and lower eyelift surgery (these surgeries are performed together)

Duration and Cost of Eye Cosmetic Surgery

Eye lift surgery is performed after giving the patient general or local anaesthetic, depending on their preference. You only require being at the hospital for one day or one day and one night depending on how comfortable you are after the surgery.

The recovery period is typically 10-14 days as some patients may experience some amount of bruising and swelling. Use of salt water and ice packs can help reduce this.

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