Face Lift Patient Review: Aurora Clinics

Real Life Patient of Aurora Clinics writes a Review of her Face Lift Experience

Where Did You Hear About Aurora Clinics?

My beautician in Princes Risborough recommended Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough to me. I have known her for many years and have total trust in her. I believed her to be uniquely placed to make a recommendation as many of her clients have had surgery.

What Did You Hope To Achieve From Facial Surgery?

In my early 50’s, I felt gravity was the getting the better of my face although my skin is still good. I wanted a face lift that was completely natural and made me look the very best I could.

How Was Your Consultation?

My surgeon had a gentle and patient manner and listened to exactly what I wanted which was to lose the jowls and for my neck to be a bit tighter. I had no desire to look 35 again…just the very best I could!

How Did Your Facelift Surgery Go?

The facelift surgery went well and when the bandages came off the next day I was amazed! I had forgotten I had a pointy little chin: it’s great. I had an expectation – but naturally also a fear factor that all might not be what I wanted. Well, expectations were exceeded! I cannot recommend him highly enough.

What about the Other Hospital Staff?

The staff at both Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough  and Aurora Clinics in High Wycombe were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble.

Are You Still Pleased with your Face Lift Results Post-Surgery?

A month on, I have my final look with all swelling and bruising gone and I am absolutely delighted. It’’s a big thing to do and a major decision but so much easier when you have a surgeon you can trust.

Many thanks to patient L Muir. If you would like to book a consultation with one of our surgeons at Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough please feel free to contact us.

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