All you need to know about Cosmetic Surgery for the Face

People are increasingly becoming aware of the important role of appearances in the world. And, because everyone wants to look his/her best, even when they start ageing, cosmetic surgery seems like the best solution to their problems.

The facial skin is the most exposed as well as most sensitive part of the body. The face is also the canvas for the maturing process and fine lines and other tell-tale signs of ageing normally appear here first leading to a need for cosmetic surgery to give the face a lift.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for the Face

The need for firmer, more supple, glowing, and clear facial skin has led to the popularity of many different cosmetic surgery face treatments.

Some of the popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures are:


Popularly known as cosmetic face lift, rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that is employed to remove the wrinkles from areas like the jaw, the face, and neck. Face lift treatment actually tightens the skin loosened due to ageing. It also removes the sagging of the cheeks, especially around the jaw line.

Many women opt for facelift as it lifts the corners of their mouth, and reduces the creases on the face leading to a younger looking, supple, and smooth appearance.

Brow lift

Also referred to as a forehead lift, again it is a surgical procedure used to up lift drooping eyebrows. One can also get a forehead lift done to smooth out the creases on the forehead. You can choose to get brow lift done along with cosmetic surgery face lift or as a separate procedure.

Liposuction –

A very popular surgical procedure, liposuction is commonly used to remove excessive fat deposits from the face. Common areas where fat deposits can be found on the face include the area between the chin and neck.

You can opt for face liposuction as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery face procedures.

Facial resurfacing

This is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps remove the top most layer of the skin (derma) in order to expose the inner and younger looking skin layer. Tiny wrinkles can also be removed using facial resurfacing.

Skin resurfacing is generally done using chemical peels, dermabrasion or lasers.

Facial implants

A facial implant procedure includes injecting body fat or collagen, or silicone into the facial skin. Collagen, a fibrous protein located in the white tissue of our skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, etc is responsible for the firmness and suppleness of our skin. Facial implants fill in the tiny depressions that are caused by wrinkles to give you a more youthful looking skin.

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