All you need to know about Facial Cosmetic Surgery

As time goes by and years start mounting, your face starts showing the tell-tale signs of ageing in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, drooping skin, and much else.

However, with advancements in technology and science, it’’s now possible to remove these ageing signs and have your youthful look back once again, using facial cosmetic surgery.

Depending on your requirements you can now opt for an individual cosmetic surgery procedure or a combination of different procedures that include face lift surgery (or ‘Rhytidectomy),’ brow lift or forehead lift, liposuction, Botox, facial resurfacing, or dermabrasion, and other facial treatments such as collagen, silicone etc.

Let’’s take a closer look at face lift cosmetic surgery.

Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

Used to tighten the loose skin of your face, this surgery also removes large depressions and prominent wrinkles formed around the nose, lips, and chin areas. The face and neck are included in this procedure and hence, the surgery is also known as a “face and neck lift.”

The Procedure

To offer you maximum benefit from this surgery, your surgeon will make incisions in such as manner that most of the scarring will actually happen on your scalp and the natural contours of your face. For example, the incisions made for men are usually along the natural beard line so that they can be camouflaged by their sideburns.

Usually, the incision made starts at the hairline and then traces a line down in front of the ear, around the earlobe to end behind the ear.

Next the skin is gently lifted to remove the excess fat, while fibrous tissues and muscle is made tighter. The skin is pulled tight and the extra skin is cut. This done, the incisions are now closed using fine suture and staples.

The facial cosmetic surgery usually takes around 2 to 5 hours. You can opt for an OPD facility with local anaesthetics or stay overnight at the hospital with general anaesthetic.

The Effectiveness

Facial cosmetic surgery only addresses the problems of a specific area. You may have to go for other procedures to get the desired effect.

Face lift cosmetic surgery is effective in eliminating deep wrinkles and sagging tissues. However, to remove fine wrinkles you’’ll have to choose dermabrasion or skin resurfacing.

Facial cosmetic surgery doesn’’t stop the process of ageing in any way. It only removes the signs of ageing, which may reappear in a few years.

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