New York clinic witnesses surge in Neck Lifts

It’’s a common belief that the huge rise in the use of non-invasive procedures to fight the signs of ageing has reduced the number of people who are choosing to opt for invasive surgical procedures as a means to hold on to youth.

It is true that the number of non-invasive procedures being performed worldwide is rising far more quickly than more traditional methods, however the fact is the appetite for facelifts and other surgical procedures still remains.

One New York surgeon has noted a rise in one particular aspect of invasive anti-ageing surgery, and perhaps notably it is an area that so far does not really have an alternative non-invasive solution – the neck.

It’’s an oft-quoted saying that to really check a woman’’s age you should look at her hands and her neck, as they remain areas that are far harder to treat.

As a result Dr Sam Rizk has engineered telescopic neck surgery which means that he can see the position of the muscle tissue and nerve endings whilst he performs the lift and so deliver better results. This technique has had Manhattanite women in the 40s and 50s coming to him in their droves.

As well as the face, the neck also has thin skin which can therefore wrinkle easily. A neck lift will therefore help restore consistency between the appearance of the face and the neck.

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