Facelift surgery – how long is the waiting list, and how soon after surgery can I fly?

Facelift Question:Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

I am interested in full facelift surgery. Could you please tell me how long the waiting list is? And how long between the consultation and the operation is usual?

Also, as I will be looking to go on holiday to recuperate following surgery, could you advise me what is a sensible amount of time to leave before flying abroad? Many thanks.

Facelift Answer:

Thank you very much for your query. We are normally booked up for at least a month ahead and you will need to give us at least this time to fit a suitable time in for you to have surgery.

The time in between the consultation and the operation does vary, and we can normally fit in your surgery at a convenient time for you as long as long as we have enough time to organise it.

Very popular times are just before Christmas and the beginning of the summer holidays when people have some time off work. The Christmas holidays are popular with people who have limited leave from work and the summer holidays are very popular with teachers and students.

We do ask you to leave it at least 3 weeks before considering flying following surgery to allow all areas to heal and allow us to keep a close eye on you following the procedure. Many thanks for your enquiry.