Lindsay Lohan’’s half-sister has Plastic Surgery to emulate her

Working within the industry, we see and hear a lot of the ‘wackier’ side to cosmetic surgery.

Often this comes in the form of the general public choosing to emulate a hero of theirs, usually a celebrity but sometimes even a fictitious character (see: Brazilian Superman, real-life Ken doll).

The latest in this line of surgery however had even us slightly stunned, as not only has Lindsay Lohan had someone seek surgery in her imprint, it’’s her own half-sister.

Ashley Horn is an 18-year-old Hollywood wannabe who shares the same father as Miss Lohan. In a bid to make her more popular with movie execs she has undertaken a $25,000 cosmetic surgery overhaul in order to look more like her famous older sister when she was at her peak at around the same age.

Talking to US women’’s glossy magazine InTouch, Miss Horn detailed some of the procedures she had done which included a nose job (rhinoplasty) and facial fillers to make her cheeks and chin more defined.

The two sisters have nothing to do with each other however as Horn was the result of an affair their shared father had with her mother Kristi Horn whilst he was still married to Lohan’’s mother, Dina.

Indeed, Lohan has said she bore her no ill-will but wanted nothing more to do with the ‘circus’ that is her father’’s life. It was on our television screens when the truth of Lohan Snr’’s paternity was revealed, as he, along with Kristi and Ashley, appeared on Trisha and undertook a DNA test for the show.

Though she has taken great steps to copy her sister’’s appearance, Miss Horn insists that that’’s where the similarities end. She told InTouch that her personality is nothing like that of Miss Lohan’’s and that she had an entirely different upbringing: “

“I don’’t drink, or do drugs or party.” “I’’m hotter than Lindsay! I don’’t mind saying that.””

Michael Lohan reacted slightly differently however by responding with:

““It’’s disgusting and totally crazy! She was a pretty girl as she was…it’’s sick and twisted.””

Due to a fight with her mother Kristi, Lohan is no longer in touch with his youngest daughter. Although Lindsay Lohan has not responded to the story she is said to be privately furious.

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