MACS Facelift in Milton Keynes?

MACS Facelift question:Your Questions Answered by the Surgeons at Aurora Clinics

Hi, I’m interested in having the MACS facelift and would like to see Mr Richards. Would it be possible to see him at your Milton Keynes clinic – or would I have to go to another clinic? Thank you for your time.

MACS Facelift answer:

Thank you very much for your enquiry. It certainly would be possible for you to come and see me in Milton Keynes to discuss the MACS mini facelift.

We have monthly clinics in Milton Keynes which are on a Friday. By way of this email, I’ll ask our consultation coordinator to give you a ring to schedule the best time for you. If our next clinic date is not convenient for you, we can discuss possible alternative dates.

In the meantime I think it’ll be worthwhile listening to our information CD on MACS facelift, which I’ll ask our coordinator to send to you.

Many thanks for your enquiry. We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Best wishes,

Adrian Richards

Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Director of Aurora Clinics