No Facelift for Susan Sarandon – just a little off the chin

When Hollywood star Susan Sarandon spoke out against cosmetic surgery, saying she thought women should “go and “do something interesting” instead” of getting a facelift, it was fair to assume she was not the kind of woman to go in for cosmetic surgery at all.

Especially as she’d publicly denied having any surgery, or even anti-wrinkle injections.

It seemed that the incredibly well-preserved 65-year-old must have hit the genetic jackpot, looking better as the years rolled by with no surgical help.

Well, now it seems that her youthful looks are not purely down to a rigorous anti-aging skin care routine, exercise and a healthy diet after all.

According to newspapers, the star now admits she has in fact received a little help from one particular anti-aging treatment – specifically, facial liposuction, which she refers to as having “under my chin sucked out””.

Now, it might not be quite as invasive as a facelift, but it’s still cosmetic surgery Susan!

In an ideal world, it would have been great if she’’d felt able to admit to having a little help in the first place, rather than feeling like she had to deny it.

Everybody knows it goes on in showbiz land, and the more people in the public eye start being honest and upfront about the help they’’ve received from the cosmetic surgeon, the less stigma there will be for the rest of us.

So come on Hollywood, you lead the way!

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