Scar revision inside the mouth – is it possible?

Ask the Cosmetic SurgeonScar Revision question:

I have a lump of soft tissue on the underside of my bottom lip which is quite unnoticeable until I speak.

This was caused when the minor salivary gland was removed in 2005 by a surgeon who later remarked that she was not concerned with aesthetic problems, only medical, and left enough scar tissue behind the lump to verify it.

I have spoken to a dermatologist who suggested I spoke to a maxillofacial oral surgeon which I did. The consultant did seem very negative about removing the scar tissue inside the mouth and said it could return, maybe bigger. This was a 30-second check with his mirror and it cost £125.00.

I am not concerned with the financial aspect but do you think he conducted a realistic professional assessment or was he being honest? If you do have any suggestions regarding the removal of this lump I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Scar Revision answer:

Thank you very much for your enquiry. It may be that the soft tissue on your lip is scar tissue following your previous surgery. It is possible to remove this. I think it might be best to see a plastic surgeon in your region who specialises in this field.

Alternatively, if you sent us a photograph of the area, I would be happy to give you an opinion as to the best way forward for you. We do appreciate your enquiry. Thanks very much for contacting us.

Best wishes,

Adrian Richards

Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Director of Aurora Clinics