Which profession has the most Plastic Surgery? (the answer might surprise you…)

Why do so many teachers opt for plastic surgery?

At Aurora Clinics, many of our surgeons have noticed a trend for more teachers than other professions opting for plastic surgical procedures.
The possible causes for this that we have discussed include:

Pressure to remain youthful

Teachers are one of the only professions who frequently work with people who are younger than them. As teachers typically start in their 20s, it may be that the comparison with the youthful appearance of their pupils does make them more aware of the ageing process than people in other professions.

We feel it may be this comparison which is prompting more teachers to seek plastic surgical treatment.

Awareness of certain physical characteristics

As we know, children can be quite open and frank with their opinions. We have seen teachers who have come to us for simple procedures such as facial mole removal because their pupils have remarked about their facial moles and wish to have them removed so this does not draw attention to this region. We feel that teachers opt to have moles and other facial lesions removed more frequently than non-teachers for this reason.

We also treat more than average number of teachers for conditions such as prominent ears and for nose reductions. Again these are physical characteristics which can be picked up by students and often teachers opt to have these corrected so these features will not cause any further undue attention.

Overall we have noticed a significant increase in the number of teachers opting for plastic surgery over other professions.

Whilst we are not absolutely sure of the reasons for this we feel that the above may be contributory and we welcome any further opinions for this trend. Email mailto:info@aurora-clinics.co.uk if you have any ideas.

The most popular times for teachers to have plastic surgery procedures are at the beginning of the summer holidays for more major procedures and the beginning of the other holidays for smaller procedures with a quicker recovery rate.

One thing is for certain is that our operating list will contain a significant amount of both teachers and pupils considering treatment such as prominent ear correction at the beginning of the summer holidays.