TV star Frances Barber “saving up” for Cosmetic Surgery

Hot on the heels of Susan Sarandon revealing that, despite her earlier denials, she has in fact undergone cosmetic surgery, another celebrity has decided to come clean.

Actress Frances Barber, recently seen on TV as Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who, has admitted she plans on treating herself to a surgical freshen up, and is already saving up to make it happen.

Saying she’d be a “hypocrite” if she said she’d never have a facelift, she adds that she would only be looking for “tiny adjustments” to make her look “less tired”.

The 54-year-old actress also says that she doesn’t care about growing older, and actually feels 26 – implying that the surgery will just make her look a little more like the woman she feels inside.

Honesty like that is rare and refreshing – especially among celebs – so good on Frances. Here’s hoping that when the time comes for her to have her cosmetic surgery, she gets a great result that has her looking as young as she feels!

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