Facts about Cosmetic Surgery in London

Often, people tend to confuse cosmetic surgery with plastic surgery. Actually, both these disciplines are distinct and plastic surgery is actually a term that is used for corrective surgical procedures that alter the aesthetics of a person’’s outer appearance.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is a correctional discipline that improves the features that a person may find unflattering or unappealing.

Today, the English, the Americans, the Europeans and the Asians are being drawn to the lure of cosmetic surgery. The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery can be attributed to the extensive use of many of these procedures by celebrities including Michael Jackson, who underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to get a completely new look and skin colour!

Some of the most common cosmetic surgery in London today includes:


Injected into your forehead and around the eyes, this treatment is extremely popular with British women because it helps get rid of fine wrinkles, worry lines on the forehead, and other typical signs of the ageing process.

Botox is also popular because it’’s an affordable cosmetic surgery procedure as compared to a few other cosmetic surgery procedures. It just requires an hour and you can get it done even during your lunch hour! The effects of Botox injections last for between 3-4 months.

Eyelid lift

It’’s another very popular cosmetic surgery procedure among those who want to get their eyelid reshaped or reduce or eliminate droopiness and sagging. Eyelid lift surgery, however, doesn’’t eliminate fine lines around the eyes, and requires a day for surgery and around a week for recovery.


This cosmetic surgery procedure is used to remove the fat deposits under your skin. The liposuction machine ‘sucks’ out the fat from areas such as buttocks, thighs, the arms, the face, and the abdomen. An effective surgical treatment for removing stubborn fat from the most commonly affected parts of the body, liposuction surgery warrants only a short period of time for recovery. But it also demands lifestyle changes to ensure that the fat deposits don’’t return.

Hopefully, now you know the difference between some cosmetic surgery procedures and plastic surgery procedures available currently.

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