When surgery goes wrong

We can’t stress enough how important it is do your research if you’re considering surgery abroad. The problems can be severe, and your redress limited.

We wanted to share some photographs to illustrate the point. The pictures below show the scars of a 46 year-old lady who underwent a facelift procedure in Turkey three months previously.

Facelift Scarring
Facelift Scarring

The scars shown are in the incorrect position, being too far down in the temporal region, too far forward in front of the ear and too low behind the ear.

The skin is also too tight in front of the ear causing the redness in this region. This is difficult to correct and enforces the importance of locating the scar in the correct position without undue tension on it, as this can adversely affect the long-term outcome. This lady is likely to have difficulties wearing her hair up in future.

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