5 things to consider once you have decided to go ahead with surgery

Once you have decided you would like to go ahead with surgery there are 5 important factors we would recommend that you discuss with your surgeon and make sure that you have clear prior to surgery.

1. How long will you be in hospital?

Many operations now are being performed as day cases or with a one night stay in hospital. It is important to ask your surgeon how long they will expect you to be in the hospital and if there is any extra cost for extra time in hospital.

Everyone recovers at different rates and if you are not ready to go home following your operation it is important that you do not incur any extra cost for this.

2. How long would your surgeon expect your recovery period to be?

The recovery period for different operations varies significantly. Following some operations such as tummy tucks with tightening of the muscles you will not be able to drive your car for at least a week.

For other operations such as breast augmentation the recovery is quicker.

You need to have as good an idea as possible as to the likely recovery period so that you can make the necessary arrangements at home to make sure that you are not over-stressed and have the appropriate rest period to allow your body to recover.

3. When will my follow-up appointment be?

Most surgeons will make an appointment for you to be seen at approximately one week following surgery.

Although absorbable stitches are used, in the majority of cases these do need to be trimmed and certainly your incision should be checked at one week. It is important that this appointment is made prior to you leaving hospital.

4. What happens if you have a concern after leaving hospital?

In the early days following your surgery it is very common to have small minor queries to check that all is going well. And it’s important that your surgeon has a 24-hour helpline so if you do have any queries they can be answered immediately.

It’s particulary important if you are worried that something might be going wrong following your operation that your mind can be put at rest and an urgent appointment can be scheduled to check that all is well.

5. What are the arrangements for follow up following my initial appointment?

Most reputable surgeons will provide you with unlimited follow-up appointments so that you can be seen as many times as possible.

These appointments are normally free of charge and we would typically include an appointment two weeks following surgery and six weeks following surgery. Six weeks following surgery most surgeons will take your after surgery photograph and will provide you with a copy of this.

If you have had a breast implant procedure most reputable surgeons would see you at each year for a general check up and MOT of the breast implants.

There should be no charge for these follow-up appointments and we would recommend that you ask your surgeon if they have an open-door policy whereby you can schedule an appointment any time should you have any concerns.

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