6 Fascinating Facts about Skin Tags

Suffering from Skin Tags? Read on…¬†Chances are, you may not even realise what skin tags are:

  1. Skin tags are small growths (on average about the size of a grain of rice).
  2. Although the word “growth” is a bit scary, skin tags are completely benign and do not effect your health.
  3. They are usually brown or flesh-coloured in appearance.
  4. Most skin tags are found on the neck, eyelids, underarms, under the breasts or in skin creases.
  5. Main causes of skin tags = friction, pregnancy and hormone fluctuations.
  6. GPs will not remove skin tags because they are not dangerous…but cosmetic surgery centres like Aurora will!

If you do suffer from skin tags – whether you knew the official name for them or not – you probably find them irritating and uncomfortable (especially if they occur in areas of friction). Facial skin tags also cause patients distress because of their highly visible, unsightly nature.

However, do not fear! Skin tag removal is a quick and painless procedure which leaves no marks or scarring. A full consultation is advised to determine your skin condition.

At Aurora Clinics, our medical aesthetician Fleur Nicholls is offering a special package including this full consultation completely free PLUS your treatment to remove 5-10 skin tags all for the set price of £75.00! To take advantage of this great offer, just give us a call on 01324 578290.