Kerry Katona still unhappy with her body after tummy tuck

She announced earlier this year that she’d had a tummy tuck, posing in swimwear in magazines to show off her new look, but now Kerry Katona has revealed she still “hates” her body.

She elected to have the surgery in May this year after getting fed up with the saggy skin on her stomach. After giving birth to four children, she had been left with a lot of loose skin and tissue that could not be shifted through exercise.

In characteristically colourful fashion, she says, “I got tired of tucking my extra skin in my knickers. It was like having an extra toe that shouldn’t be there.”

But while her surgery has undoubtedly flattened and improved her tummy – as can be seen in recent swimsuit shots in a magazine photoshoot – it seems that for Kerry, her body issues run a little deeper.

Describing the way she still feels about her body, she says “”I’’m still very conscious of my body. I feel extremely uncomfortable and really unhappy taking my clothes off in front of people.”

And this dissatisfaction isn’t because of her surgery scars. She goes on to admit, “Even if I had no scars I’’d still look in the mirror and think ‘Oh God, I hate myself. I hate my body'”.”

There’s an important lesson in there. Cosmetic surgery can never be a magic panacea to make everything better, if there are deeper issues preventing you from being happy.

What cosmetic surgery can achieve, very effectively, is to change a feature or part of your body you’re not happy with. And of course that can make you happy – but only if that feature or part of your body was the only thing causing the unhappiness.

In Kerry Katona’s case, she may be starting to realise this the hard way.

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