All your Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery questions answered by Adrian Richards

We often have people asking questions relating to Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery when they are deciding on the options available to them. Here at Aurora Clinics, we feel it’s beneficial to post these on our blog. Read our latest below…

Q) I have recently lost quite a lot of weight including the majority of my breasts! I am interested in finding out about having them “lifted” and what the procedure involves.

A) A decrease in the size of your breasts can occur after losing weight or after pregnancy. Often the skin does not fully retract which can leave you with a slightly low nipple position and breast droop (ptosis).

The solution to this is either to tighten up the loose skin (mastopexy) or restore the lost volume in the bust (breast augmentation). In some cases, a combination of both treatments is used.

For more information on these procedures, please have a look at our dedicated information pages on Breast Uplift and Breast Enlargement.

I hope you find this information useful.

Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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