Are most Plastic Surgery patients vain?

It is a misconception that most patients considering Plastic Surgery are excessive or vain. Most Plastic Surgery patients have real problems and so have genuine concerns which they would like treated.

Once this area is addressed they often experience improved self-confidence and feel better in themselves.

Issues patients typically come to discuss include:

  1. Breast Asymmetry. Many women in their early twenties develop one breast significantly larger than the other. This causes significant difficulties with wearing clothing and with relationships at a very sensitive time for the patients.
  2. Inverted Nipples. Although this sounds like a relatively minor concern, it does affect approximately 10% of women in the United Kingdom and can cause significant embarrassment. Many people do not realise that nipple inversion can be corrected with a relatively minor procedure.
  3. Breast Reconstruction. After breast cancer operations, many people are left with one breast significantly different or smaller than the other. Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgical technique which aims to improve the symmetry by restoring tissue to the breast which has been operated on.
  4. Prominent Ear Correction. Many people with prominent ears are very concerned about them and, in some cases, subject to a significant amount of teasing regarding them. This surgery – to set back the ears – can be performed relatively simply and with a quick recovery.
  5. Tummy Tucks. Many women after having children, particularly if they were larger babies or twins, can develop excess skin in the tummy area with stretching of their tummy buttons. This can result in unattractive skin around the lower abdomen but can also cause backache and poor posture because the muscles in the front of the tummy are not functioning effectively. These excess skin and muscles can be repaired in a relatively simple and commonly performed plastic surgery procedure.
  6. Breast Reduction. Some people feel that their breasts are too large for their physique and this gives rise to a number of problems including back and neck ache, infections under the breast and poor posture. Breast reduction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgical procedures aimed at improving each of these symptoms.

The majority of the patients we see with conditions such as these are found suitable for surgery, and are here to correct a perceived abnormality, not to enhance their beauty.

A common misconception regarding plastic surgery is that it does not improve self-esteem and your ability to perform tasks. In all studies on this subject, plastic surgery has been found to be one of the most effective treatments for improving quality of life and gaining self-esteem.

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