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Mole Removal: Look Great & Stay Skin Cancer Safe Read more…

Semi Permanent Make-up with Pauline Kneller Read More…

Tribal Ear Piercing Correction at Aurora Read more..

Spring Special Offer on Sun-care Read more..

Mole Removal at Aurora: Look Great & Stay Skin Cancer Safe

Private Healthcare UK recently reported a surge in men and women requesting mole removal procedures. This is certainly true for Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough.

Now we are into April, it is time to start being even more “skin-savvy” and be aware of the effect the sunnier weather could have on your body.

Whilst mole removal procedures are often performed for aesthetic reasons –- if a mole looks unsightly or is raised and catches on clothing -– Aurora also offers a Histology Report service to mole removal patients.

This involves sending your mole specimen sample to the laboratory to test for skin cancer or other abnormal cells.

By having your mole removed at Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough (Lincoln House), therefore, you not only benefit from great minimal-scarring results by our expert surgeons and same-day procedures under local anaesthetic with minimal waiting lists: you also have the peace of mind of knowing that you can catch any skin cancer if it is present, giving yourself the very best chance to treat it.

For a FREE consultation with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to advise on the most suitable treatment for your moles, call us on 01324 578290 or use our online contact form.

Semi Permanent Make-Up Comes to Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough

If you are considering enhancing the natural beauty of your facial features, Aurora has another non-surgical option: semi permanent make-up.

We are delighted to welcome Pauline Kneller to Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough. With over eight years of experience working alongside some top make-up technicians, Pauline offers a great range of treatments:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
  • Lip Body (Blush or Full Colour)
  • Lip Liner
  • Beauty spots and freckles.

She is also skilled in medical Micropigmentation to disguise and improve scarring, burns, stretch marks and reconstruct areolas or nipples following trauma or Breast Cancer (look out for our Blog all about Medical Tattooing, coming soon).

Semi permanent make-up has lots of advantages: it is long-lasting (fading naturally over approximately 18 months); comes in a huge range of colours; is great for people with a hectic lifestyle who do not have time to be applying make-up/those who are allergic to certain cosmetics; it can be used to correct asymmetrical features and to reconstruct and camouflage.

Pauline’’s focus is on creating a very natural look which is not “drawn on” but tattooed with a needle. She assures us, however, that it is not as uncomfortable as regular tattooing and you can expect to be completely healed and looking gorgeous within 5-7 days.

To book an appointment with Pauline Kneller at Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough, call us on 01324 578290.

Tribal Ear Piercings? We can get you out of a Hole

Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough has seen increasing numbers of patients wanting to reconstruct holes left in their earlobes by tribal ear piercings.

The process of dilating holes in the earlobes as wide as possible to insert flesh tunnels and plugs has become fashionable amongst some social circles, particularly older teens and University students.

As with many fashions linked to a particular time and social group, the owners of these ear piercings often grow to regret having them, feeling that they no longer fit their image years later.

One recent Aurora patient told how his tribal piercings put employers off when attending job interviews and he felt the flesh tunnels were a link back to a period of his life he had left behind.

Luckily, Aurora’’s Mr Adrian Richards is an expert at such ear corrections. At the Whitethorn Clinic in Buckinghamshire, Mr Richards can remove the hole and reconstruct the earlobe, leaving only minimal scarring which will fade over time. A video of this procedure can be seen on our website.

The cost for the procedure is from £800-£1800, depending upon the dilation of the piercing and whether you have both ears or only one stretched. This price reflects the fact that the procedure is quite a complex reconstruction, but one which allows patients to move on with their lives and leave their pasts –- and their piercings! –- behind.

For more information on any form of Ear Correction, or a consultation at Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough, please call one of our friendly patient coordinators on 01324 578290.

Spring Special Offer on Suncare

Spring is in the air (finally)! But have you got your sun screen ready now that the weather promises to get warmer and Summer Holidays are yours for the taking?

We are offering a bargain: SPF30 Intelligent Sunscreen Zinc Body Cream – just £5 when you buy bareMinerals spf30 Natural sunscreen for Face&Body £15. That’’s only £20 for both (normal RRP £60 the pair)!

Intelligent Sunscreen is ideal for everybody and everyday use, with no irritants or fragrance, just moisturisers and soothing agents to keep your skin protected and supple.

bareMinerals Natural sunscreen is a revolutionary flow-through brush which buffs sunscreen minerals evenly for sun protection without the heavy, greasy finish. Order yours today via 01324 578290 or pop into Aurora Clinics in Princes Risborough.

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