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New Aurora Juvederm Voluma Treatment Read more…

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Real-life Patient Story: Inverted Nipple Correction Read more…

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Brand New Treatment: Longer-lasting filler restores natural volume to the face!

Aurora Clinics are delighted to announce our latest treatment: Juvederm Voluma. This smooth-feeling, natural-looking dermal filler is designed to restore volume to the face. Fed up of that tired, hollow look around your mid-face area? Fancy a cheek augmentation or want to get rid of stubborn nose-to-mouth lines?

Juvederm Voluma is particularly effective for:

  • Patients with a thin face or who have lost a lot of weight.
  • Patients who have hollow cheeks.
  • Patients who have lost their mid-face fatty tissue.
  • Patients who have already had and liked cheek augmentation with other products, now want something longer lasting.

Clinical trials found 98% of satisfied patients following treatment with this product. But that’s not all: this brand new dermal filler lasts longer than other products too (Allergan tests are suggesting up to 18 months in some cases).

Only about 20 aesthetic nurses across the UK have been trained and certified in the use of Juvederm Voluma to date. So we are very proud that Aurora aesthetic nurse Libby Stewart was one of the few trainers in the country selected for the Allergan masterclass!

Juvederm Voluma treatments with Libby at Aurora Clinics cost just £600 per 2ml syringe, lasting up to 18 months. To book your treatment with Libby, call today on 01324 578290.

FREE Information CDs: New Procedures, New Advice!

Now expert cosmetic surgery advice comes without a price. Aurora Clinics have recorded a whole series of FREE expert information and advice CD’s to help anyone considering a cosmetic surgery procedure.

In response to the popularity of our existing range (Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Inverted Nipple Correction and Tummy Tuck surgery), we have now recorded 4 brand new CD’s in the range:

  • Gynecomastia Surgery (male breast reduction)
  • Eyelid correction
  • Prominent ear correction
  • MACS Face lift.

If you would like to request one of these, you can do so by filling in our online form and we will send one out to you in the post (UK residents only).

Real-life Patient Special: Inverted Nipple Correction

Anne’s story: “I am so happy since having my inverted nipple correction done at Aurora Clinic, it has really changed my life. I had investigated having something done several years ago, but when I received the information the company concerned seemed more interested in doing implants at the same time. As I am big busted that was not what I wanted, so I left well alone.

I used to look for information to see if there was anything that was a quick and simple remedy for my problem – I had always hated the way my nipples looked, never went around naked, or went swimming or used communal changing rooms. Now I am happy being naked. I really can’’t put into words what a wonderful feeling it is to feel “normal”.

My experience from when I first sent an email (Aggie phoned for a chat about an hour after I sent it, she was so lovely and reassuring on the phone, it made me want to go ahead). I told my husband about it and he said to make an appointment, which I did a couple of days later.

On the day, I woke up with very negative feelings as I thought that as my nipples were very inverted there would be nothing that could be done. On arriving at the clinic everyone was so lovely, we were offered a cup of tea. Then it was time to go in for my consultation. I decided to have the consultation and also the procedure done at the same time.

Mr Richards was very approachable and apart from the local anaesthetic going in, there was no pain and the room was full of laughter. Mr Richards said to say goodbye to the nipples I had known for all of my 57 years and about half an hour later I was introduced to my fabulous new nipples.

Apart from a bit of pain later that evening everything is fine (more than fine, as before I had no sensation at all in my breasts: now they are very sensitive). I am so happy and would recommend anyone thinking of having it done to see Mr Richards and his wonderful team.”

To book your Inverted Nipples Correction consultation at Aurora Clinics, please call today on 01324 578290. More patient testimonials can be found on our website and facebook page.

More for your Money: Special offer on Skin Tag Removal

For a limited time only! Aurora Clinics medical aesthetician, Fleur Nicholls, is offering this great value package on Facial Skin Tag Removal: consultation. Also 15 minute treatment with 5-10 skin tags removed. All for the standard price of £75: that’’s a lot of skin tags removed!

What are skin tags? Small, flesh-coloured or brown growths that hang off the skin, particularly around the eyelids or neck. They are very common …and Fleur can help! If you think you may be suffering from skin tags, call Fleur today on 01324 578290.

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