BAAPS outline new ‘Code of Conduct’ for Plastic Surgery advertising

At their annual conference held in London last week BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) revealed that it has submitted a 12 point ‘code of conduct’ to the Committee of Advertising Practices, the agency that is responsible for drafting policies for the Advertising Standards Authority.

Their ultimate aim is to ban all advertising for plastic surgery, however these new codes reveal their plans to curtail advertising activities whilst they pursue their larger goal.

The main objectives behind the measurements are to stop plastic surgery from being a commodity and instead what it is intended to be – a lifelong solution for those who will genuinely benefit from surgery in one form or another.

They are particularly concerned with protecting young and vulnerable people so they have called for an outright ban on advertising that is targeted at the young and also from any advertising where young people might see it, for example billboards and on television.

They would also like to see a ban on adverts specifically targeted at potentially vulnerable or susceptible groups, for example those who are recently divorced or about to be married.

Other drives include banning special offers and vouchers including multiple-purchase offers, time-sensitive deals and inclusion on voucher websites. They would also like to ban incentives including referral schemes and financial inducements in advertising.

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