Beirut now the “Cosmetic Surgery capital of the world”

Face marked up for cosmetic surgeryLos Angeles, California used to be the epicentre of the cosmetic surgery industry. Somewhat unsurprisingly, since it is the home of Hollywood.

But now LA has been unseated from its position at the top of the cosmetic surgery tree.

Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, has overtaken LA and now sees more plastic surgery performed than any other city on the planet.

So what’s behind this explosion in the cosmetic surgery industry in Beirut? Well, firstly, the rise in demand.

Beirut is arguably even more image-conscious now than LA – to the extent that it’s often difficult to find employment if you don’t ‘look the part’.

As Maher Mezher, of First National Bank in Beirut, puts it: “You cannot find a job in Lebanon if you are not good-looking. People will reject you socially.”

Mr Mezher’s bank are also playing their part by making finance easier to obtain. They offer specific ‘plastic surgery loans’ of up to $5,000 as long as women are employed and under 64 years old.

And then of course there’s cost. Plastic surgery is far cheaper in Beirut than in America – breast enlargement, for example, typically costs around $4,000 compared to the $7,000 or so it costs patients in LA.

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