Breast Surgery on the rise

Breast Surgery is a rapidly growing area of cosmetic surgery and includes several breast surgery procedures. Leading Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics has seen a 100% rise in Breast Surgery year on year in 2009.

Cosmetic breast procedures include breast augmentation (breast enlargement), which is accomplished with breast implants. Breast lift is a procedure that is often performed simultaneously with an augmentation.

In addition to these purely cosmetic procedures, breast reduction is an enhancement surgery that potentially offers both health and cosmetic benefits.

A lot of our younger female patients who undergo breast surgery procedures do so because of the exposure given to celebrities  However, we are getting more and more requests in for people not to look like Katie Price or Victoria Beckham but they want a more natural look.

For more information on Breast Surgery  or any other cosmetic surgery procedure please contact Aurora Clinics on 01324 578290.

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