Celebrity Plastic Surgery gone wrong

Celebrities are renowned for going under the knife in an effort to maintain their looks and to fight against the signs of ageing, and you can understand why – they work in a visual industry where their success and popularity rests almost solely on the way that they look.

Many pull off the odd nip and tuck with finesse and are able to create subtle changes that help to keep them looking their gorgeous best, however others succumb to the thrill of revitalising effects plastic surgery can offer and simply take it too far.

Others are merely unlucky and suffer from botched jobs. Here are some of the worst examples:

1. Pete Burns

Always an attractive man, Pete Burns nonetheless took to the knife to make improvements upon what nature gave him. Early on in his transformation he suffered from failed lip enhancements which resulted in a lot of constructive surgery to correct it. He has since undergone more procedures, noticeably on his full lips.

2. Janice Dickinson

Another celebrity who seems to have taken improvements to their extreme, Dickinson’’s face looks overdone and unnatural.

3. Mickey Rourke

When Rourke came back to fame with The Wrestler in 2008 he drew a collective gasp from the public who, in the main, had not seen his appearance for some years. His new, plastic-like skin covered a significantly altered face.

4. Joan Rivers

Like Dickinson before her, Rivers is another celebrity who has undergone repeated procedures in a bid to stave off the ageing process. It’’s mainly managed to make her look perpetually shocked.

5. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Unfortunately this American socialite is probably a celebrity due to her excessive and botched operations, rather than a celebrity first. Once a beauty married to a rich art dealer she then divorced and succumbed to multiple surgeries that have destroyed her original features.

There are many more celebrities who have had procedures that have worked very well however there are sadly some, like these, who have taken it too far.

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