Cosmetic Surgery a “Mission Impossible” for Tom Cruise

He’s as big a Hollywood superstar as they come, but Tom Cruise has gone on record to defy the usual Hollywood stereotype and insist that he never has and “never would” have¬†cosmetic surgery.

The evergreen actor, set to celebrate his 50th birthday this summer, said in a recent interview to promote his latest film “Rock of Ages” that he hasn’t used any surgical methods to maintain his looks.

He admitted he had no idea how he had managed to stay looking so youthful, but suggested it could be down to his high-octane lifestyle. The actor is well-known for keeping fit and insists on performing his own stunts wherever possible, with the Mission Impossible films being perhaps the most famous example.

He offers the suggestion that his youthful looks may be a result of a combination of training, working hard, spending lots of time with his family, and – somewhat surprisingly – going without sleep!

It has to be said that the actor is not completely as Mother Nature made him – having undergone extensive cosmetic dentistry, including orthodontic work, to correct his misaligned teeth.

And he doesn’t specifically say whether or not he has taken advantage of any non-surgical treatments to help him stay looking young. But it certainly seems that this is one Hollywood star who’s steering clear of the surgeon’s knife for now…

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