Considering cosmetic surgery? Find a surgeon with help from BAPRAS

Aurora Clinics: Find a surgeon with help from BAPRAS' Think Over Before You Make Over campaignLast year, more than 45,000 patients in the UK had cosmetic surgery. While the vast majority will be happy with their results and the care they received, unfortunately some won’t be so lucky.

Understandably, keeping costs down is a huge factor for those considering surgery. But cut-price deals and aggressive marketing from some clinics entice many to commit before they’re ready – often with serious consequences.

As we revealed on our blog in March, a study carried out by UK plastic surgery body BAPRAS unearthed some alarming statistics.

They found almost a quarter of patients (24%) failed to check their plastic surgeon’s credentials. And more than a fifth (21%) were oblivious to the risks involved.

Predictably, those who rushed into surgery often had disappointing results. Over half of patients (59%) who had surgery less than a fortnight after their consultation said they felt less confident about their looks.

Left unchecked, this chronic lack of awareness would see thousands of people every year putting themselves at risk of receiving bad cosmetic surgery.

Find a surgeon safely with BAPRAS – and a little help from us

The great news is that BAPRAS have been supremely proactive in dealing with this ticking time bomb.

To tackle what they describe as a “worrying lack of consumer awareness about how to choose safe and appropriate cosmetic surgery”, they’ve launched a wide-ranging campaign to make information more accessible.

‘Think Over Before You Make Over’ has seen them create a comprehensive information hub on their website for those looking to find a surgeon. Featuring lots of articles about various aspects of surgery, including FAQs, advice on having surgery abroad, and procedure-specific information, there’s also a useful downloadable guide on what to look for when choosing a surgeon.

And at Aurora, we’re also contributing in our own way to help people make more informed choices about their surgery.

If you’re currently looking to find a surgeon, we’ve created a couple of useful documents you can download and print for free. To give you an idea what to expect from a surgical consultation, click here for our quick guide to what happens at ours. And to give you some useful pointers for when you attend consultations with other surgeons, take a look at our Questions to ask other clinics guide.

Aurora Clinics are a nationwide group of plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards. Our team of handpicked surgeons are all members of one or more of the highest professional bodies in the UK, including BAAPS, BAPRAS, UKAAPS and ISAPS. To help you find a surgeon that’s right for you, we offer no-obligation consultations to talk through any procedure that interests you with a surgeon of your choice. To book, please contact the team on 01324 578290 or email mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

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