Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand now a multi-million pound business

We recently blogged about the cosmetic surgery industries of Beirut and China seeing huge booms, and now another country joins the list.

Thailand is the latest country to experience a huge rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery. A recent survey found that the value of the cosmetic surgery industry in Thailand grew from 15 billion baht in 2010 to 20 billion baht in 2011 (an increase from almost £303m to almost £404m).

And the predictions are that this year will carry on in a similar vein, with growth of 20% expected.

Records also show that the number of clinics is increasing steadily. Figures released by the Public Health Ministry’s Health Service Support Department showed that the number of cosmetic surgery clinics registered in Thailand increased from 317 clinics in 2004 to 350 this year.

The reason behind the boom is simply a change in how cosmetic surgery is viewed in the country. There has been a radical shift in the public perception of cosmetic surgery in Thailand over the past 10 years.

It used to be the case that choosing to have surgery was something to be ashamed of, with both surgeons and patients entering hospitals and clinics through back entrances to avoid being seen.

Now, Thai society is less judgemental of elective surgery, and people are much more open to the idea of what cosmetic surgery can do. Much like China, cosmetic surgery is today viewed by many in Thailand as a way to increase their opportunities in life and help them land their dream job.

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