Cosmetic Surgery industry under review by Department of Health

Cosmetic surgeonFollowing the recent PIP breast implants scandal, the Department of Health has announced it is launching a review into the cosmetic surgery industry.

The PIP scandal saw over 40,000 UK women given substandard breast implants made from non-medical grade silicone. Many have since reported chronic pain, inflammation and other symptoms that they attribute to the implants – though the NHS’s own report into the matter was inconclusive.

As horrifying as the experience has been for these women, it seems the PIP scandal is now acting as a catalyst to usher in some positive changes to how the industry is run.

The review has been requested by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and NHS Medical Director, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh.

Professor Keogh will lead a team tasked with gathering evidence and making recommendations to the government by March next year. The review will look into the regulation of clinics, the qualifications held by practitioners, the quality of information provided to patients, “aggressive” marketing techniques, and the protection afforded to patients when things go wrong.

Professor Keogh is concerned that too many patients are committing to cosmetic surgery without researching the credentials of their clinic or surgeon – and without fully considering any possible complications.

This is backed up by the results of a Department of Health survey carried out on 1,762 people. The survey found that more people took cost into account than the credentials of their practitioner when deciding to have surgery (only half of respondents considered qualifications compared to two thirds who considered cost).

Time will tell whether the review succeeds in its aim of making the cosmetic surgery industry safer for all.

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