Cosmetic Surgery on the horizon for Kim Kardashian?

Cosmetic surgeryShe famously denied having buttock implants – even undergoing a body scan on television to prove she was all-natural – but reality TV star Kim Kardashian isn’t completely averse to the idea of cosmetic surgery.

Speaking about the prospect of motherhood and how it can change a woman’s body, she revealed that she was “not against” plastic surgery, and would “definitely need” a breast uplift after she had children.

For now, Kim keeps her maintenance regime strictly non-surgical, with frequent facials and laser skin treatments and plenty of hard work in the gym to keep her body in shape.

But having a stepfather, Bruce Jenner, who has turned to the cosmetic surgeon for a little help, and a mother, Kris Jenner, who has just had a recent facelift, seems to have made Kim amenable to the idea of surgery one day.

On the subject, Kim says: ”Who knows if I will want to do my face one day? My mum did it, I told her to do it”.

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