Dangers of surgery abroad

At Aurora, we’ve recently seen a number of patients who have been treated abroad and unfortunately had significant complications following their surgery.

 The lady in the photos below had a breast implant procedure combined with a breast uplift in Turkey:

 DSC03310         DSC03312

Her surgery was complicated by an infection of one of the stitches, which has left her with a painful open wound that we are currently treating at our clinic.

Having surgery abroad means you need to be extra vigilant, as you’re far from home and often have a language barrier to contend with.

Which is why, if you’re considering surgery abroad, it’s so important that you:

  1. Thoroughly check out the hospital you are having the surgery in.
  2. Specifically check on their infection control procedures.
  3. Ask your surgeon if any of their patients have contracted any infections.
  4. Make sure you are clear about how any complications will be covered if you do develop any problems.

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