Earlobe Repair at Aurora Clinics growing in popularity

'Tribal ear' correction We have just sent out our latest press release, and in it we focus on earlobe correction surgery – otherwise known as ‘tribal ear’ correction.

The procedure is designed to close up holes left behind in the earlobes after removal of ear stretchers or ‘plugs’.

While it is possible for these holes to close up naturally, it only really works if the stretcher used is no bigger than 10mm in diameter. Anything bigger than that and corrective surgery is usually required.

It’s amazing how big an increase we’ve seen in people seeking this procedure since last year. From seeing very few patients for the procedure in the whole of last year, surgeon Adrian Richards has performed earlobe correction for around 5 or 6 patients every month this year.

The figures represent around a 500% increase in people seeking earlobe repair with Aurora Clinics.

Many of those patients will simply be people who have grown bored with, or grown out of, the ear plug ‘look’. But for others, the potential for better employment prospects – especially in the current climate – is undoubtedly a factor.

Rightly or wrongly, ‘tribal ear’ is going to limit candidates’ eligibility for certain jobs – particularly in the customer service industry and other public-facing work.

So, a word to the wise. If you don’t want to be visiting Aurora Clinics for earlobe correction surgery any time soon, it might be a good idea to think very carefully before fitting that 12mm stretcher…

Aurora Clinics are experts in performing earlobe repair surgery. For more information about the procedure, visit our earlobe repair videos page where you can see the procedure being performed. To book a consultation, talk to our friendly team on 01324 578290 or drop us an email to mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local.

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