Family blames PIP breast implants for death of healthy mum

A healthy mum from East Lothian who received PIP breast implants in 2006 has died from a rare form of cancer.

Forty-year old Susan Grieve lost her battle against lymphoma last month, and her family have spoken of their belief that the PIP implants were to blame.

Susan had rupturing in one of her implants, which had caused a growth to form in her breast. She had the implants replaced, but was not allowed to keep the old ones for evidence as they were considered “clinical waste”.

However, her concerned surgeon took photographs of what he found. The rupturing could clearly be seen in the photos, as could the fact that the implant had turned green.

Susan wasn’t to know that her problems were just beginning.

Last September, she went to her doctor seeking help for terrible back pain. And in March this year, she eventually received a diagnosis of anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Susan’s family have vowed to find out the truth about the long-term safety of PIP implants – and they have joined forces with the family of a French woman, Edwige ­Ligoneche, who also received PIP implants and died from the same form of cancer as Susan last year.

It seems the debate on the safety of PIP implants looks set to continue for some time to come.

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