Heavily surgically modified ‘Cat Man’ found dead in suspected suicide

Denis Avner, who also went by his spiritual moniker of ‘Stalking Cat’, has been found dead in his Nevada home on 5 November.

News reports of the death emerged on 13 November when a friend of the 54 year-old intonated on his blog that his death was through personal choice.

Avner, who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’’s most heavily modified man, undertook a series of plastic surgery operations in order to mimic his Native American totem, the tiger.

Multiple procedures included silicone injections in to his cheeks to give them a fuller and rounder appearance, tongue modifications, silicone implants above his brow and elongated ears. He also had his face tattooed with tiger stripes, his lips filled and modified and his teeth filed to resemble cat’s’ teeth.

He had been known for his outlandish appearance here, as well as in the States, for many years and even appeared on a Channel 4 documentary in 2010 that followed the lives of those who choose to change their appearance to the style of a particular animal.

Avner believed that he was tapping in to his inner spirit by transforming himself in to the tiger, and he became known throughout the world as Cat Man. He was believed to be a friendly and kind man, despite his extremely altered and slightly scary appearance, but why he would have taken his own life is unknown. Perhaps the extreme physical changes that he went through were indicative of turmoil within.

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