South Korean Plastic Surgery clinic under fire for unusual use of spare body parts

A cosmetic surgery clinic in Seoul is currently under investigation for what we consider possibly the most gruesome reception ornament known to man.

The clinic, based in Gangnam (yes, that of the famed song’’s name), an upmarket neighbourhood in Seoul, displayed a collection of around 2000 ‘chin shavings’ – fragments of bone that had been removed during cosmetic jaw surgery – from former patients in two glass towers on their front desk.

So proud were the clinic staff of their gory centrepiece that they displayed a photograph of the towering delights on their website’s homepage. Predictably, this was quickly picked up and shared all over Twitter, where an avalanche of disgusted reactions followed.

To add an extra layer of macabre detail, the collected bone fragments all came neatly labelled with tags bearing the names of their former owners. Whether or not permission was given for such a public display of their previous chins is not clear.

The clinic owners soon took down the photograph upon realising the stir it had created. However, this turned out to be not quite soon enough, since the photo had already caught the attention of government officials. As a result, the clinic is currently being investigated for improper use of discarded body parts as Japanese law states that they should be incinerated.

Well, each to their own we say. But it’’s certainly not a decorative idea we’’ll be borrowing at Aurora Clinics any time soon.

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