Katie Price in reported outburst over results of her Plastic Surgery

Earlier this month glamour model and mum of three, Katie Price, apparently suffered a meltdown over her appearance in front of strangers in the ladies’ toilets of celebrity hangout, Gilgamesh.

She was there attending the 30th birthday party of footballer Jermaine Defoe and supposedly bemoaned the effects of her plastic surgery to other guests.

Despite spending over £100,000 on various procedures it appears that she is still not happy with the way that she looks, complaining that she looked like a market trader.

She is reported to have said: “”I’’m plastic. I’’ve got a fake nose, fake teeth and fake tits – only my arse is real! I look like a market trader.””

The 35-year-old, who also goes by the name of Jordan, also complained: “”Why is everyone looking at me? I’’m just a mum.”

”Perhaps the usually attention-seeking star has had a change of heart and decided instead that she would rather blend in to the background than cause a stir…

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