Knowing me, Knowing you: Getting to Know Surgeon helps address Psychological Needs of Cosmetic Surgery Patients

A shocking 30% of women NEVER saw their cosmetic surgeon during treatment, Liberate’’s recent survey revealed.

Despite the increasing media attention highlighting potential risks of cosmetic surgery and the dangers when in the hands of an inferior surgeon, women refuse to heed the warning.

Even after tragedies like the highly publicized recent death of Claudia Adeseye Aderotimi. This is pure idiocy where, as Liberate (the UK’’s largest network of BAAPS and/or BAPRAS accredited cosmetic surgeons) marvel, women are still willing to put ‘price above safety’.

A top surgeon’’s time costs money -– those are hours that they could be operating instead. But Liberate surgeons know that giving this time is a vital part of the Cosmetic Surgery process, and (for patients) the extra expense of going to a registered and respected surgeon is a long-term investment for their future wellbeing.

Getting to know the experience and qualifications of your surgeon is part of the education process about the potential risks and dangers of cosmetic surgery, which allows patients to make a fully informed decision.

“Without the tools needed to make responsible choices”’, Liberate warn, “‘cosmetic surgery can end up costing people financially, physically and psychologically’.”

More attention is typically paid to the first two: the financial and physical dangers of ill-informed cosmetic surgery. The media has this well covered with regular horror stories: going abroad to a “surgeon” you know little about can result in expensive insurance or corrective surgery back home, scarring and poor results or – in worst case scenarios – death like poor Ms Aderotimi.

But the psychological implications are just as important.

Do this huge proportion of cosmetic surgery patients not care that they never even meet the person to whom they are, essentially, handing over their lives? Or are many Cosmetic Surgery companies failing their patients greatly when it comes to customer service and support?

The Liberate press release suggests that most women do care very much, tellingly using the wording that 74% of women ‘felt it was important to know and see their surgeon throughout the course of treatment’.

It is this knowing aspect that is so important. A Patient Coordinator can give you a complete Biography and breakdown of your surgeon’’s CV and credentials (and who is to say this is any less true than coming directly from the surgeon themselves).

You can ‘see’ your surgeon on countless documentaries, Youtube clips, in magazine articles and even hurrying past in fleeting glimpses when you visit his team to make a booking.

But there is simply no substitute for quality time: a 1-1 meeting with your surgeon where you can ask all the questions you want, only he can answer and you can make up your mind if you really believe everything he’s telling you, buy into his beliefs and ways of working and, most importantly, feel confident that you can trust him to do a good job.

Because that trust is something more than just qualifications and a resume: it is a gut-instinct based upon your reaction to the surgeon as a person that no third party reassurance or online profile can instil in you.

Liberate have been formed with a focus on ‘reassurance’. Of course the aim is ‘to give you access to the highest quality cosmetic surgery’, but perhaps equally importantly, a Liberate cosmetic surgeon ‘will be with you every step of the way – from your first consultation through to the finished result. And it doesn’t stop there – your consultant will be there for you after your procedure for as long as you need them’.

This is 100% the viewpoint that we endorse (and always have done!) at Aurora Clinics. We try to make information open and available to everybody through as broad a range of media as possible -– Youtube, our websites, Facebookfree information CDs and information fact sheets -– but we are very aware that none of this provides the same peace of mind as a face-to-face consultation with your surgeon.

That is why Aurora offer consultations with our friendly and approachable surgeons. You can take the time you need to ask any questions you may have, and rest assured that we are equally dedicated to your aftercare consultations following surgery.

At Aurora, you will never become one of the “unseen” 30%. When you call us on 01324 578290 to book your consultation… your journey with us is only just beginning!

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