Mother and daughter Cosmetic Surgery trend sweeps the US

Clinics in the US are reportedly seeing more and more mothers and daughters coming in for double appointments, as a day out for bonding or otherwise helping to support each other post-op.

The trend could be in part down to more well-known mother and daughter cosmetic surgery fans such as Melissa and Joan Rivers.

What procedures the pairs will opt for depends very much on their ages, with younger daughters opting for surgeries such as breast enlargement or nose jobs, and their mothers choosing liposuction or mini facelifts. Older daughter and mother combinations may go for liposuction or breast lifts, and full facelifts respectively.

Not only do US women seem to be choosing this as something nice for them to do together, it’’s also being viewed by doctors as a positive thing. Recovery time is reduced when the patient receives support following any op, and so the mother and daughter will have each other to help in the following days or weeks.

The other possible reason for the dual appointments is that younger generations see plastic surgery as more commonplace so mothers are being introduced to it later in life, with their daughters leading the way.

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