Picking Your Practitioner: Why Experience Matters

Guest blog by Laura Casewell from The Cosmetic Surgery Guide Choosing the right Practitioner is vital

Going under the knife can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’’re fascinated by facelifts or lusting for liposuction, there are so many treatments available in the UK these days it’’s often hard to know what procedure to opt for, let alone who to trust to do it.

At The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, we think it’’s vital you understand not only what your chosen treatment involves, but also who is undertaking it. Invasive or not, picking an experienced practitioner to treat you is vital to safe cosmetic surgery and positive results.

With that in mind we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for picking your perfect prac, to make sure your experience with cosmetic surgery is a happy one.

1. Safety first

Do your research. A responsible practitioner will be associated with a safety organisation that can provide you with information on who is best to go to. Organisations including BAAPS and BAPRAS can be great starting points when investigating a practitioner.

2. Experience is key

A practitioner’’s knowledge of various surgeries should be obvious at the first consultation, and it is important to find a properly trained and experienced clinician, practicing in the right environment. Ensuring your surgeon has the correct British qualifications will also protect you from using a clinic that hires surgeons from abroad, where standards may be less strict.

3. Take your time

Reputable practitioners will be happy to discuss everything with you in full, so don’’t be afraid to ask questions or request to see before and after images to help you make up your mind. Remember – you should have 2-3 consultations before committing to surgery, so you can always ask more questions as they arise.

4. No pressure

Cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing decision; don’’t feel pushed into it – especially by a sales person. If you feel like the surgeon, doctor, or nurse is pressuring you into parting with your cash – or you end up meeting with a sales rep not a medical professional – walk away.

5. Trust your instincts

Generally it’’s recommended you see around 3 practitioners before you make your decision. See less and you probably won’’t have enough information, see lots and you may end up more confused than when you started. Who you choose to let treat you should be down to who you feel will do the best job after they’’ve answered all of your questions and proven their experience.

Be informed; be safe. For more information on safer cosmetic surgery, visit www.thecosmeticsurgeryguide.org.

Note: The Cosmetic Surgery Guide is the definitive guide to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments in the UK and is produced quarterly.

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