PIP implants – NHS has received over 7000 referrals to date

New figures show that 7,504 women who received PIP breast implants from private clinics have now been referred to the NHS.

Of these, 4,742 went on to have scans and 583 subsequently decided to have their PIP implants removed. Removal has so far been performed on 308 of these women.

The NHS has also seen patients who originally received their PIPs on the NHS. They have actively got in touch with 881 such women – 105 of whom have been scanned.

The total number of women who received PIPs on the NHS and have elected to have them removed stands at 293. Removal has so far been performed on 156 of these women.

All women who received PIP implants from the NHS are eligible to have them removed and replaced free of charge. In Wales, replacement is also offered to women who received their implants privately, but in England and Scotland the rules are different. There, the NHS will remove but not replace for private PIP patients.

Aurora Clinics are experts in breast implant removal and replacement, and have treated over 200 women seeking to replace their faulty PIPs in the last year. If you would like more information, please take a look at our PIP implants news page, which features lots of videos and articles to help you stay informed.