Plastic Surgery becoming popular in Afghanistan

Trends can sometimes be nation and culture-specific and this can be seen with cosmetic surgery, too.

The US has arguably had a more deep-rooted fixation with cosmetic treatments for a number of years than in other countries, the result of which is a probable plateau with the numbers who opt to go under the knife.

Here in the UK the trend is a relatively newer one with numbers still increasing all the time. With females seen as subservient to men in the majority of Middle Eastern countries, and with females the most likely candidates for plastic surgery, it may be assumed that an appetite for procedures to improve physical appearance would be less likely there.

However Afghanistan is apparently witnessing a huge rise in numbers looking for treatments, for both the body and face. Many believe that this upsurge in popularity is down to the growing numbers of an Afghan middle class. This may be, although individual reasons seem to vary.

Some women are reportedly seeking surgery as a way to boost their confidence after leaving unhappy marriages, whilst others believe it’s more indicative of suppressive husbands who want to control their wives’ appearances. Perhaps most controversially, there are also some women seeking surgery to change the look of their ethnicity.

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