Praise for Aurora Clinics Cosmetic Surgery videos

Thousands of people around the globe are watching the surgical and informational videos that are being produced by Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics, based in the United Kingdom.

Some of the viewers are so impressed with the professionalism of these videos, they come to Aurora Clinics to seek further advice and offer their praise…..

“I watched your video and am amazed at how talented that you are. I just had surgery myself two days ago in the USA; and am highly disappointed with my results. I wish you had performed my surgery. You do your work so meticulous, nice and neat… CONGRATULATIONS Mr Adrian Richards. I’m one of your fans:). I really wish you were up here in Michigan and also I want to ask you if it is ok I can send you some pics of my  surgery and you give your opinion? Thanks and I hope to hear soon from you!!!”

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